Tuesday 24 January 2012

FH Fairs are Back!

This weekend sees the first serious family history fair of the year with the Bracknell event on 29th - though it's still a bit slow, generally, events-wise...

If anyone is aware of any other forthcoming events (I sometimes miss 'em!) then do get in touch at micksouthwick@blueyonder.co.uk .

Worth mentioning, too, that the SoG have their own on-going series of lectures and the like - all neatly listed at www.sog.org.uk/events/calendar.shtml

A wee burst of activity from FindMyPast over the past couple of days have seen the following developments:
Additionally, Claire Santry's Irish Genealogy News blog has a neat little summary of news from various Irish archives, here - including a report on the revamped National Archives of Ireland's website.

Users of Hackney Archives will want to check out the latest news on their repository, here. There have been developments today, so do take note.

And check out this timely post from The Passionate Genealogist re. that ever-so-famous TV series, Roots. Coincidentally, I recently penned a short article of the subject - a piece which can be freely accessed here. Feel free to reproduce/publish the same wherever you wish - but, as a matter of courtesy, let me know first if you wish to do so (micksouthwick@blueyonder.co.uk).


BTW, I have made a few changes to today's blog post. Firstly, you will probably have noticed that I have decided to dispose of the 'NEWS', 'WEBSITES', etc., subtitles (which often got in the way of the 'flow' of the posts); and, secondly, from now on I shall not be labelling the posts ('English News', 'Irish News', etc), as my daily instalments seem to include news from almost all of the 'label categories' - rendering the exercise pointless! If you wish to search the entire blog for specific words or terms you can easily (and more accurately) use the Search Box at the very top of the blog. Unless there is a huge outcry, these shall be permanent changes.

And remember, if you'd like to 'Follow Me' on Twitter, use the button at the top of the right-hand column. And it'd be really helpful if you could Tweet this post (and every post!) to your followers by utilising the little Twitter button at the bottom of each blog entry. A big 'THANK YOU' to anyone who can do so!

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