Monday 9 January 2012

Ancestry's New Approach


Thanks to Alan Stewart's blog for an interesting new approach offered by Ancestry when it comes to searching their records. I must confess that I hadn't noticed this, and am not sure how long it's been up and running - see Alan's post here (where you will find a link to the new 'Parish Pages' in question - direct link here).

The GOONS is running an Army Records Seminar in Ash, Surrey, on Saturday 18th February - see full details here.

The HistoryToday Podcast for January is now available (Treaty of Versailles, and Sir Gawain & the Green Knight).

Now seems a good time to remind folk of the ongoing PRONI lecture series, with the next instalment due on 26th January. Chances are I'll not be mentioning the series again, so do make a note of the dates, etc., if you're interested in any of 'em.


Here's a website worth keeping tabs on. It's called Two Nerdy History Girls, and provides plenty of interesting material pertaining to social history. And I'll start you off with their weekly round-up of links to history articles, etc., here.


Chris Paton offers his thoughts on what might happen to Scottish genealogical research should the nation decide to vote 'yes' to independence from the UK.


Ontario-based Christine Woodcock has unveiled plans for her next organised 'Genealogy Research Trip to Scotland' - see here.

Oh, and you may wish to check out a new feature of the blog, namely, the BI-Gen Store. By following the link you will be taken to an Amazon Store dedicated to genealogy (primarily, a 'books' section and a 'software' section). So if you need any family history goods, then you can earn BI-Gen a tiny bit of commission by ordering via my store. Just use the 'Shopping Cart' icon like you normally would. If you have any problems using the Store, let me know.
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