Thursday 12 January 2012

TNA Stuff & a Good Deal of Reading


A couple of announcements from The National Archives first:

And there is also a new TNA Podcast to take in - Anxiety, Dread & Disease: British Ports 1834-1870.

The Scottish Genealogy Society is offering free advice sessions for newbie genealogists - see their homepage. (thanks to Chris Paton/Chris Halliday).

And followers of US blogger, Dick Eastman, will no doubt already know about his recent illness.


And with a good few articles to get through, we'll start, in fact, with the aforementioned Mr Eastman, and a strange tale about genealogy and crime detection

The Passionate Genealogist blog's post from a couple of days ago makes mention of two very interesting articles. Firstly, there's a lengthy piece on War and Famine in Ireland, 1580-1700; and then there's a light-hearted piece about how NOT to conduct your FH research. Access both here.

And the eternal question of the location of the geographical centre of Great Britain is tackled on the OS blog.


Several blogs and websites are reporting the beginning of a new series of BBC Radio Scotland's Digging Up Your Roots. It began on Sunday - access it on the BBC iPlayer, here. It's only online until 15th - but is also available as a download from iTunes.


As I've just signed up to Twitter (@HistoryMick), I will, in due course, be working out ways of bringing you extra snippets of news from this area of the Internet - just as soon as I've got used to the darn thing. For the moment, though, I'll tag a few bits on at the end of my daily posts for you to take or leave as you wish...

If you want to 'follow me' then please do (@HistoryMick). Once I'm up to speed with the set-up, I shall no doubt contribute as best I can!

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