Saturday 31 December 2011

Latest Family History Magazines


I've been a bit lax of late when it comes to mentioning new releases of our genealogical magazines - so here are the latest editions of the periodicals in question:

Additionally, of course, there are:
As regards HistoryToday, a great round-up of some of their more notable articles from 2011 is freely available here. Some good reading is available there, so don't miss out!

And there's also a Podcast available in connection with the BBC mag. Oh, and the week's TV & radio can be found here.

If anyone is thinking of buying anything from, then now's a good time to do so as they're offering 25% off until the end of 6th January (UK pounds only). It's completely free to join/register and there are no catches. Click on the homepage and you should see mention of the voucher code. And remember, my Lulu Storefront is here.

A warning for users of TNA's website: there may be some disruption to online services on Tuesday 3rd - see here.

Today is Day 6 of 'Start Your Family Tree Week' - click below for further info...

And the week's activities have been backed up with some extra guidance from several sources, including both the Family Tree magazine blog and Your Family Tree magazine website. Plenty of useful reading there, especially for beginners.

That's all for today and, erm, the year, of course. Thanks for dropping by - and remember to make BI-Gen a regular port of call during your genealogical wanderings in 2012!

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