Wednesday 18 January 2012

Two Handy Newsletters + TNA Stuff


The most informative and entertaining genealogy e-newsletters are probably those issued by Lost Cousins and S&N Genealogy Supplies. The first is very much an 'independent' affair, with lots of news and views from across the whole sector, whereas the latter concentrates on events at S&N/TheGenealogist. In the last couple of days both have published another effort, thus:

  • Lost Cousins Newsletter - lots of debate concerning the GRO (England/Wales and Scotland), plenty of interest for East Anglian researchers, + GenesReunited news, the British Newspaper Archive, various other bits 'n' pieces ... and plenty of offers;
  • S&N Email News - Cornwall, Worcs & Devon added to their 1911 Census datasets, FH Fairs news, many new directories and PRs.

The National Archives have issued an announcement regarding the disposal of some of their old reels of microfilm - stock which they no longer need due to digitisation. If you're interested in laying your hands on some of the freely-available material click here.

And TNA have also unleashed their new 'Archives Media Player' - fabulous!


Muhammad Ali turned 70 yesterday, of course, and I'm sure many of you enjoyed the TV specials and the like which were aired in his honour last night. MyHeritage also has a look at the great man's ancestry - see here. More classic Ali here.


Episode 3 of Nick Barratt & Laura Berry's 'Family History Show' is now available. In the latest instalment the experts give their 'Top Ten Tips' on the Census Returns, there are some case histories, plus there's a visit to the Institution of Civil Engineers Archive.


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