Wednesday 23 November 2011

Writing Up Your Family History


After a quiet 24 hours or so, I thought I'd lead into today's post with a couple of articles. First of all, Ros Bott has penned a few paragraphs on 'How to Write Up Your Family History' - straight-forward useful advice on an indirect way of learning a lot more about your ancestors' world. A great way, too, to learn a little more about history in general if you take on the research yourself.

The MyHeritage blog has a link to a short piece on the 'Kindness Gene'. No doubt that this sort of thing exists, of course - just amazing that they've identified it!


MyHeritage is also in the news for their takeover of a couple of fairly well-known family history concerns, FamilyLink and WorldVitalRecords. Mainly a one for the American market, this, but the development is, nevertheless, indicative of the ambitions of the Israeli-based company - with the move incorporating the establishment of their very first US base in Utah (thanks to GeneaBloggers).

Mocavo, the specialist genealogical search engine, has added another feature to its site, namely, a FAQ section - see here.

Immigration and Emigration is the theme of the forthcoming half-day course from the SoG (Sat 3rd December).

The Irish Genealogy News blog has a few 'Bits and Bobs', here (Cork/NAI/Workhouses).

And The Family Recorder blog has a book review on the recently-released Family Matters: A History of Genealogy.


The next episode of the Find My Past TV show looms (Thursday 9pm) - and here's a wee trailer. There are also interviews with presenter, Chris Hollins, here and here. Oh, and a competition, here.


The British Library have made an announcement about their sound archive. Interesting resource, this - and to find the item specifically mentioned in the news item, follow the link then click on 'Oral History' and you should see it listed. All part of Disability History Month (you might want to check out this website's 'Events' listing, too).


Blogger Christine Woodcock has posted an enthusiastic article on her new mobile scanner which may interest many of you. A quick search of the Internet indicates that it seems to be available in the UK at around £150 (and no doubt Ireland, too).

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