Saturday 19 November 2011

New Genealogy Publication!

OK, so here it is. Get your cheque book ready:

Bi-Gen Collection 1: 
Dead End Hobby
Oddments from the World of Family History

Unusual & erroneous PR entries; witty MIs; unusual occupations; medical curiosities; sarcastic record entries; appalling living & working conditions; weird traditions; tall stories; coincidences; longevity; strange deaths; last wills, wishes & words; quotes; and other quirks of history. 

72 pages of genealogical entertainment and enlightenment from BI-Gen blogger, Mick Southwick.
The first in a series of 'collections'!

Ah, but how much does this fantastic new publication cost? Well, I haven't decided for sure yet, but when it's published on 1st December, it'll probably be priced at somewhere between £3.50-£4.00 + around a £1 p&p (overseas maybe £2-£3 more). So for 'early bird' orders, let's say the following:

UK customers: £4 including p&p;
Europe/RoI: £5 including p&p;
Other Overseas: £6 including p&p.

This pre-launch offer only applies to 'hard copies' of the booklet, though an e-copy version will be available from early December. There will also be other ways of obtaining the booklet other than directly from myself, such as via the publishers, (which may appeal more to overseas customers). But if you want your copy NOW, then send a cheque (GBPounds sterling only, please) made payable to 'M.Southwick', to 20 California, Winlaton, Blaydon-on-Tyne, Tyne & Wear, NE21 6LY, UK. Or you can pay by Paypal via my email address . Whichever way you do it, please remember to furnish me with your postal address. You can also use the DONATE button on the right - but you may have to send your address to me in a separate email. (Paypal is useful for overseas payments as it usually converts the currency automatically ... I think. I trust you to do the 'conversion calculation' yourself!).

The pre-launch offer will end on 1st December, so please get in touch before then. If you've any queries, then contact me on the email address above.

Class it as an early Christmas present ... for yourself.

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