Thursday 17 November 2011

Scottish Debate


I have just spotted an important post on 'The Scottish Emigration Blog' about a forthcoming debate on the subject of, well, Scottish emigration! What looks like a most enjoyable evening will take place on Tuesday 29th November at Edinburgh University. Best get in there quickly.

Ancestry is soon to have a new look - or rather the 'Image Viewer' will, anyway. The new interface is currently in test mode, and you can give it a try by reading the relevant blog post, here.

The SoG has highlighted an appeal for research guinea pigs which will interest genealogists - and you'll be paid for it (well, there's a 'cash incentive'). Check out the details here - but don't hang about, as the study begins on 22nd.

The SoG has also published it's first e-book, My Ancestor Was a Royal Marine.

Here's another update to the Ireland Genealogy Projects Archives from the ever-reliable Claire Santry.

The British Library has added to its 'e-book Treasures' with a couple of sacred texts - see here.

December's HistoryToday magazine is now available.

And, most importantly of all:
If you read my blog post for Monday, you will be aware that BI-Gen will be releasing its first publications (two of them) very soon. I'm aiming for an official launch date of 1st December, but I can tell you now that the first one is ready to roll out now (have just received a small batch from the printers and they look great). It is called Dead End Hobby: Oddments from the World of Family History, and I have decided to offer readers of the blog the chance to purchase pre-launch copies at a reduced price. Full details of the offer and the booklet will appear on the blog on Saturday.

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