Friday 18 November 2011

HLF Gears Up For WWI Centenary


The Heritage Lottery Fund, which we historians love so much, has thrown out an important announcement regarding ways in which communities may wish to commemorate the centenary of the First World War. Applications for funding are being encouraged in support of events which will take place during 2014-18. See the official website. [thanks to the FFHS News Service for this item]

The GenealogyInTime website maintains a handy-looking list of new online records as an when they pop up. The list covers the entire globe, with a heavy bias towards the English-speaking countries. As far as I can see, there is nothing there which hasn't appeared on this blog (for Britain/Ireland), but those of you with a smattering of overseas interests may wish to keep tabs on it.

The December issue of Family History Monthly is now available - but if you wish to learn more (or even if you don't), then why not read about it in their latest e-newsletter. You might as well, as there are a few other bits of news in there which may be of interest to you.

The recently-opened 'Royal Manuscripts' exhibition at the British Library is running a series of talks/events regarding the display. You can also click here for the library's full programme of events for the next few weeks. Whilst they're the topic of conversation, I might as well mention the email I received from the BL regarding their 'Seasonal Gifts'.

James McLaren of the Channel Islands FHS has contacted me regarding a very specialised history project that's come to fruition in his neck of the woods. The Societe Sercquaise have compiled a document called Men of Sark, which details every one of the 63 men from Sark who served in the First World War, and the one who left before the Occupation and served in the Second World War. For comparison, those 63 men represented about 50% of those eligible for service on the island... a rather sobering thought. The Societe are happy to make this available to whoever is interested (website at - though there is no mention of the document online yet, as far as I can see).

Pen & Sword Books have a few special offers on the go (inc. free p&p for a week) - see here.

The latest Ireland Reaching Out newsletter is now available, in which genealogy features in one of the articles.

The BBC's HistoryExtra website has a new Podcast (WWII veterans, and sugar in Victorian Britain).


The week's TV & Radio can be found here.

And don't forget to come back tomorrow for news of BI-Gen's new publication, and how to get your hands on a reduced-price pre-launch copy!

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