Wednesday 16 November 2011

Mainly Irish Items


It occasionally happens: a little rush of Irish news items. And so it is today, with apologies to those of you with no such research interests. There are one or two other items from elsewhere, too, though, so do read on...

Claire Santry leads the way with a couple of items. Firstly, there's an update on the progress of the Certificate of Irish Heritage; then there's another odd little story about a mooted 'Cork Passport'!

I don't know if I've mentioned this in a previous post, but there's a list of forthcoming Irish lectures to be found on the RootsIreland website - see here.

Just in case you need a reminder, Christmas is on its way - and Belfast's Linen Hall Library is quick off the mark with it's Festive holiday info. This seems like quite a lengthy break - so take care when assuming that the Christmas holidays will allow you to do a 'bit of research' at your local library!

The National Library of Scotland has recently updated its 'Events List'.

And on the international stage, I see that FamilySearch is to change its CEO in the New Year. Just thought you'd like to know.


Back to Ireland, and the website of the Council of Irish Genealogical Organisations - with an announcement re. a new Irish Language online resource. My browser's 'translator' failed to perform its Irish-English task, so the site remains a complete mystery to me!

Remember the mention in yesterday's post about the 'Family History Show' video (Top Ten Tips)? Well, there's actually a dedicated website to the 'vodcast' efforts of Nick Barratt and Laura Berry - see here. Long-term, this may prove to be a great visual resource - especially for beginners. It's certainly worth a browse - and look out for the related blog, too.


Ireland again. A short piece on the subject of Irish naming patterns.

A reminder to you all to continue to send any items of interest for use on the blog to me at  News items, interesting websites, unusual record entries (or stories) - you know the sort of thing I'm looking for: anything of general interest to the British/Irish genealogist! Remember, I will also mention new commercial products - and there's also a semi-permanent home for such announcements under the 'New Products' tab at the head of the page (currently free).

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