Saturday 12 November 2011

Remembrance 2


Quite possibly the best little item I've seen concerning this week's Remembrance activity is this effort from the BBC. It concerns a renovation project on a cottage from which Wilfred Owen wrote his last letter home. Thanks to John Reid for flagging this moving tribute.

The HistoryToday website has an interesting collection of WWI stories from the past year. The first one is rather astonishing.

As for other articles, check out this piece about Britain's oldest family business. Again, an amazing story! (thanks to The Family Recorder blog for the tip-off - don't forget to click on the link in Audrey's post).


S&N Genealogy Supplies have issued another of their e-Newsletters. The expected military overtones, of course, but supplemented by some other items of note, too (1911 Census, and an article about Ian Fleming).

A little bit of news about the forthcoming British Library Newspaper Archive website can be found on the SoG blog.


The Irish Genealogy News blog has brought to our attention a really neat-looking new website called Our Irish Heritage. Check out Claire Santry's blog post here, and follow the link.


More info from Thursday's Find My Past TV show can be found here.

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