Saturday 5 November 2011

Latest Newsletter from Lost Cousins


Lost Cousins' latest newsletter is now available - see here. As interesting as ever - lots of hints and tips, plus some great ways of saving some cash. Don't ever skip over Peter Calver's fortnightly efforts, as there's nearly always something in there for everybody.

Origins have some news for those of us with an interest in Gloucester Wills and/or Lichfield & Coventry Wills & Admons - see their newsletter, where you'll also find a special Guy Fawkes offer (ends midnight on 6th).

A couple of items from TNA now. Firstly, their latest Podcast (Exploding the Mysteries of the Bomb Census); then there's some newly-available WWI Nursing Records (actually, 1902-1922).

Fancy another Podcast? Well, the BBC's HistoryExtra website has on offer an effort concerning the Dambusters raid.

Those of you with Scottish Catholic interests will want to check out this post by blogger Chris Paton (with obvious thanks to Kirsty Wilkinson, too!).


The Nosey Genealogist has a helpful piece on what's available for the military-minded family historian at TheGenealogist website.


A bit of background information on the recent Find My Past TV show can be found here.

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