Wednesday 13 July 2011

The World's Population


If you read every single word of my blog (and why wouldn't you?), you will remember that a couple of days ago I mentioned that it was the 24th anniversary of the world's population hitting 5,000,000,000.  Well, as we hurtle towards the seven billion mark, it seems apt to check out this entry on the MyHeritage blog which provides some fascinating facts and figures on the topic.  Be careful not to miss the link to the excellent 'population clock', too.  Good stuff.

War doesn't seem to have done enough to stem the population growth.  And the HistoryToday magazine website has an interesting article on general war trends.  Seems like we just keep having more and more of them.  The reason?  Not necessarily because we want to, but rather because we can.  The same website also has a handy little round-up of 'History in the News'.


Following on from yesterday's announcement on this blog regarding TNA's 'Celebrating the Census' conference on 1st October, well, see Audrey Collins' comment underneath said blog entry.  Turns out that I hadn't looked closely enough at the website in question, because you can find much of the fine detail of the get-together (and booking info) here.  Good job someone's keeping an eye on me!  Thanks Audrey.

The splendid edifice that is The National Library of Wales in Aberystwyth is celebrating its centenary on Friday 15th July.  If you want to help, well, there's a very practical way of doing so - see here!  There's a nice little side-story to the day's happenings, too, with the attendance of the library's oldest reader, the very distinguished Professor Dafydd Jenkins - a great story - see here.

And relax for a couple of minutes with a video summary of This Week in History.

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