Monday 18 July 2011

French Pointers


James McLaren has penned another piece for The Nosey Genealogist's blog relating to family history in Jersey.  This time he concentrates on French research, which quite obviously has lots of tie-ins with the history of the Channel Islands.  The article may also help out mainland Brits, too, though - so do take a look if you're interested.

If you fancy having a go at writing for the family history market, then you must have a read of Chris Paton's helpful post on the subject, here.  More advice to be found in the post's 'comments' section, too.


Eneclann have issued their latest Newsletter.  Contained therein are pieces on police ancestors, discount/sale news, and a focus on Kilkenny.

More news on the forthcoming 'Certificate of Irish Heritage' can be found at the Irish Genealogy News blog.

The ScottishGENES blog has a little update on the Scottish Monumental Inscriptions collection.

And the August issue of HistoryToday Magazine is now available.


Birth of...
Nelson Mandela, in 1918.

Death of...
Jane Austen, in Winchester, in 1817, aged 41.

1936:  Spanish Civil War begins.

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