Friday 29 July 2011

National Museum of Scotland


Big news of the day is the opening of the new National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh!  Read all about this major event at the institution's website, here.

The latest Lost Cousins Newsletter is now available for perusal.  As usual, there are many excellent snippets and research pointers - one in particular concerning an important update to the Hearth Tax Online project escaped the notice of this blog (and actually led me to some interesting family finds in East Yorkshire!).  Lots more besides, though, so do take a look.

GOONS gone!  That's the gist of the message adorning the website of the Guild of One-Name Studies at the time of writing.  Oh dear.  Thanks to John Reid for pointing this one out ... and for some suggestions for alternative modes of contact. (NB: please take note of John's recommended BBC Radio show, Word of Mouth - I mentioned it back on 23rd July, and it is DEFINITELY worth a listen).

If you're into this sort of fine detail, the British Library's Annual Report 2010-11 is now available online.  The link to the report itself doesn't seem to work, but the information in the Press Release gives you a decent summary.

Most of us can't resist a freebie - so here's news of a freely-available phone 'app' for 'Exploring Roman London'.


TV & Radio for the coming week can be scrutinised here.


1921:  Adolf Hitler becomes leader of the Nazi Party;
1981:  Prince Charles and Lady Diana tie the knot at St.Paul's Cathedral.

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