Thursday 14 July 2011

Military Stuff from FMP


FindMyPast are blowing their trumpet (and why not?) over a new batch of military records which they have unveiled - read the blog announcement here.

The only other 'proper' news of note concerns more Cheshire stuff.  All to do with the availability of Bishop's Transcripts for the county spanning 1598-1900 on the FamilySearch site - see John Reid's write-up here.


That other trusty blogger, Chris Paton, has come up with another couple of useful posts.  Some very handy advice for Irish researchers can be found here (a chance to save money accessing the 1939 Northern Ireland National Register); and then there's a pointer to an interesting article on Edinburgh Poor Law Records, here (best read Chris's entry first, then go to Kirsty Wilkinson's piece, as there are some handy 'comments' to take in).

Yet more biographical info on Professor Dafydd Jenkins (see yesterday's post).  What an extraordinary chap.


MyHeritage are plugging the HistoryPin website.  It's not as 'new' as they claim it to be - but rather the partnership with Google is.  I've always considered the site cumbersome and slow-loading, but I would stress that this is most likely down to my ageing PC.  So give it a go for yourself - best access it from the MyHeritage blog entry (where you can view the promo video first).


Some TV & Radio for the next few days.


Just shows you how much notice I take of the 'celeb' news.  I have only just found out that the Beckhams have added a new daughter to their family.  FindMyPast take a look at the strange-sounding name of the kiddie in question, here.

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