Wednesday 6 July 2011

Mocavo Developments


The specialist genealogy search engine Mocavo often finds its way into my blog entries.  If you haven't had a look then please do so, as it seems like a really useful addition to the online family history scene.  I mention it again as I notice that some changes have been made to its set-up - see the announcement here (where you can also win an iPad 2).

You may remember mention on 30th June of a forthcoming iMuseum planned for the Isle of Man.  Well, here's a report of how the launch went a couple of days ago.

From the Irish Genealogy News blog comes another update of recent additions to the IGP Archives.

Parish Chest have issued their latest 'Chin Wag' newsletter, which includes the usual gossip, plus a raft of recent releases from family history dealers.

If you're a member/user of the MyHeritage website, then you may wish to learn about their new 'Family Goals' membership package.  May save you a few quid.

The contents of the latest issue of Best of British magazine can be examined here.


News from the far reaches of Scotland now, with the flagging of a new website by blogger Chris Paton called Hebrides People.  As I write, the site is not yet live, but check out Chris's post here - it contains a few other leads for Hebridean research and some useful comment.


1952:  The last London tram makes it's final run (see story and footage here).

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