Wednesday 20 July 2011

Article Rush


There's been a mini-rush of interesting online articles of late, so I hope you've got a half hour or so to spare before embarking upon today's post.

We kick off with a couple of recommendations by blogger John Reid.  Now Mr Reid is something of a fanatic when it comes to genetics, and he often pops up with the occasional DNA-related item on his excellent 'Anglo-Celtic Connections' blog.  Our Neanderthal heritage is the centre of one of his recent efforts, with a pointer to an article which suggests that almost all of us have a little bit of the long-extinct species in us.  Secondly, he points us in the direction of an update from the British Newspaper Archive project, here.

The other articles I've spotted can be accessed via the MyHeritage blog.  The first takes a look at a curious new development in the field of monumental inscriptions (though I'm still not 100% sure what a QR code is); and the second provides a couple of leads on naming babies - one being a witty video of comedian David Mitchell's thoughts on the matter, and the other an astonishing fact about what German law has to say on the subject (is this really true?!?).  Oh, and there's a piece about daft celebrity names, too.


The Irish Genealogy News blog brings us an ire-tinged report of yet another delay at - see here.

And there's a GOONS Newsflash to peruse.  This seems a convenient time to remind you all of the looming deadline (7th Aug) for the GOONS forthcoming Seminar on 13th August.  I'll not be telling you again, now!


BBC Radio 4's Tracing Your Roots is returning to the airwaves soon, and they have put a call out for help from the public - story spotted here, official website (with old episodes) here.

And forthcoming TV & Radio on the subject of family history can be found here (don't be put off by the dates in the title - the listing actually covers 21st onwards).


A nice little 'This Week in History' video for you.

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