Saturday 2 July 2011

More on those Wills


Seems like yesterday's news regarding Ancestry's National Probate Calendar for England & Wales was a little incomplete!  Turns out that they are actually offering free access to the index (which covers 1841-1941) until close of play on 8th July.  This means that you can gain maximum information on a will before you send off for a copy.  See this link for the full story.  You will also note that they are providing free access to the Andrews Newspaper Index Cards, 1790-1976.  So get in there whilst the going's good.

As for the other wills news from yesterday (the newly available London Wills & Probate, 1525-1858), I would draw your attention to comments posted on both the SoG blog and the ScottishGENES blog on the subject.  Important to look after the small detail!

The National Library of Ireland will soon take the plunge with its own blog - see the announcement here.

A new resource for Jersey family historians has been flagged by The Nosey Genealogist and his informer James McLaren: the Victoria College Register, 1852-1929.  The link you are pointed to takes a while to load up, but your computer will get there in the end.

FindMyPast Ireland have released another record set onto the Internet: Farrar's Index to Irish Marriages, 1771-1812.

There are a couple of Podcasts to catch up on:

The BBC also have also released an 'Out & About' listing for July, offering you the chance to enjoy that glorious British weather (ahem).


Remember that announcement about the Sinn Fein Rebellion Handbook a few days ago?  Well, here are a few sample entries from the same in a short article by FindMyPast Ireland.

Interested in British participation in the US Civil War?  Then there's an interesting post on the McNicholl Genealogical Services blog to peruse.

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