Saturday 10 December 2011

Inbreeding: Facts & Figures


Thanks to legendary blogger Dick Eastman for pointing us in the direction of a fascinating article about inbreeding - see his post and the relevant link, here. The main article provides some absolutely riveting facts and figures - and check out the astonishingly 'closed' royal family tree of King Charles II of Spain! (direct link to article here).

And here are the BBC's 'History Headlines' for the week (a bumper edition!).


Irish Quakers are not an everyday topic of conversation among us genealogists, which is why this post on the Irish Genealogy News blog caught my attention - a new book on the subject, plus a handy link to further information.

Another update has been posted on the Electric Scotland website.

The National Library of Scotland has opened the doors of its new exhibition dedicated to, er, the English Bard.

Brent Archives have published a 'programme of events' of sorts - see their website, here.

The BBC's 'HistoryExtra' website has a new Podcast available (topics: WWI and Robert Boyle).


Nothing to do with genealogy, but check out the opening scenes of the very first episode of Coronation Street!

Why not check out one of the top genealogy 'Big Boys'...

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