Thursday 15 December 2011

Christmas Offerings


Suggestions from the keyboard of blogger Claire Santry as regards Christmas pressies can be found here (mainly Irish stuff, but not all). And, thanks, Claire, for the endorsement of my own publications (what, you still haven't bought your copies yet?). I would also remind readers of the special December offer from CW & S Parkinson Genealogical Storage - see here.

The very same blog also warns Irish researchers of festive opening hours at the country's major repositories - a reminder to us all to be careful when planning our Christmas/New Year research trips.

The WDYTYA? website brings us a story about the re-opening of the Wiener Library in London. This is truly major news for those of us with links to the Holocaust.

And the same website is running a competition to win a year's subscription to their magazine.

Dick Eastman's blog has a feature which may interest all 'techies' - it's all about the new 'MacFamilyTree' software package and another genealogy app for the iPhone/iPad/iPod. Find out more here.

The January issue of HistoryToday is now available.

And the specialist genealogy search engine, Mocavo, have unveiled a 'fee-paying' version of their Web tool called 'Mocavo Plus'. No idea what sort of advantage it gives the user over the free one, though.


As the centenary of the sinking of the Titanic approaches, the National Library of Ireland's blog gives an interesting perspective on the disaster.

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