Friday 16 December 2011

Big News for the Genealogy Big Boys


Proposed changes to the way in which archives, museums and libraries deal with public information are set to rock the genealogy industry. The details of what could prove to be a seismic shift in attitudes, procedures and, basically, the law, surrounding the availability of data sets are outlined in this post on the Open Genealogy Alliance blog. Wow!

GenesReunited are gearing up for 'Start Your Family Tree Week' (26th December - 1st January) with this little lot.

There really is no excuse for London-based local history freaks to miss out on the superb ongoing series of free public lectures on offer at Gresham College. The main website (with its many, many online lectures) can be found here.

DeceasedOnline have made a brief announcement regarding forthcoming record set releases (and a couple of other things) - see here.

A couple more 'techie'-type items now: first up is the MyHeritage mobile phone app - which actually looks like a lot of fun (though I haven't tried it); then there's an announcement from Ancestry about Family Tree Maker for Mac2.

Pen & Sword have issued another 'money off' deal, this time on DVDs - though there are plenty of other bits and pieces in there, too. Check it out here.

Another BBC History Magazine Podcast has popped up here ('religion in war' and 'female voters in the interwar years).


And of course you'll be wanting your TV & radio guide for the week.

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