Friday 11 February 2011

Stuff to Watch


If you've some spare time over the weekend, then there's plenty to catch up on.  First of all, there's the BBC History Magazine's TV & Radio guide for the week, and then there's a chance to see the recent US episode of WDYTYA? (Vanessa Williams from Ugly Betty - thanks to Paula Campbell/Chris Paton) - to say nothing of the RootsTech conference over in the States.  The website, here, has a link to the live streamed content - and the programme of talks to be broadcast is neatly listed here.


The BBC History Magazine again provides us with some history-related entertainment in the shape of their weekly 'History Headlines'.  Of particular interest is the news of the re-opening of the Victorian part of the National Museum of Scotland this summer.

Though not strictly 'British/Irish', many of you may wish to know about the extensive collection of New Zealand resources which have appeared on  I can do no better than refer you to Chris Paton's splendid summary of the news, here.

There's quite a bit more to bring you over the weekend, so stay tuned.


1858:  Miracle of Lourdes occurs, when St Bernadette has her first vision of the Blessed Virgin Mary;
1975:  Margaret Thatcher becomes leader of the Conservative Party;
1990:  Nelson Mandela freed after 27 years in jail.

Pick your favourite from that lot!

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