Friday, 11 February 2011

Stuff to Watch


If you've some spare time over the weekend, then there's plenty to catch up on.  First of all, there's the BBC History Magazine's TV & Radio guide for the week, and then there's a chance to see the recent US episode of WDYTYA? (Vanessa Williams from Ugly Betty - thanks to Paula Campbell/Chris Paton) - to say nothing of the RootsTech conference over in the States.  The website, here, has a link to the live streamed content - and the programme of talks to be broadcast is neatly listed here.


The BBC History Magazine again provides us with some history-related entertainment in the shape of their weekly 'History Headlines'.  Of particular interest is the news of the re-opening of the Victorian part of the National Museum of Scotland this summer.

Though not strictly 'British/Irish', many of you may wish to know about the extensive collection of New Zealand resources which have appeared on  I can do no better than refer you to Chris Paton's splendid summary of the news, here.

There's quite a bit more to bring you over the weekend, so stay tuned.


1858:  Miracle of Lourdes occurs, when St Bernadette has her first vision of the Blessed Virgin Mary;
1975:  Margaret Thatcher becomes leader of the Conservative Party;
1990:  Nelson Mandela freed after 27 years in jail.

Pick your favourite from that lot!

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