Thursday 24 February 2011

'Heir Hunters' Returns


OK, so I'm a few days late with this one, but I've just noticed that BBC TV's Heir Hunters is back.  It actually started on Monday 21st February - and it's being shown every day for five weeks (BBC 1 at 9.15am).  But you haven't missed anything, as each and every episode can be found on the BBC's splendid iPlayer, here.

I see a third series of the US version of WDYTYA? is being planned.  I picked up the news here.


On the subject of WDYTYA?, the latest issue of their magazine has just been released - see here.

And, of course, WDYTYA? Live! looms, too.  See here for a neutral view of the forthcoming extravaganza, with a few tips thrown in for good measure.

Alan Stewart's blog entry, here, tells us that the number of Scottish directories available online has recently doubled to more than 600.  Wow!  Follow the link in his blog for further information.


A topical (if short) piece on the background to the film The King's Speech can be found at TNA's website.

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