Wednesday 9 February 2011

BBC Furore


Something of a revolt has broken out among dedicated fans of the splendid BBC website in the last day or so, following the announcement that the institution is planning to cut huge swathes of its online content.  We're not talking about archiving here, no - we're talking about deleting it.  And a lot of this stuff is history related!  I picked up the story from Chris Paton's Scottish GENES blog (where you can also find a link to more info).

Not a great deal more to report on today, other than The National Archives latest podcast ('Fictional Obscenities: lesbianism & censorship in the early 20C').  And there's also the release of the February issue of Discover My Past - England magazine.


Forthcoming TV & radio history programmes can be found here.


1983:  The world awakes to the news that prize racehorse Shergar has been nicked from the Aga Khan's stables in Co.Kildare late the previous evening.  The kidnapped beast is offered up for ransom, which is never paid - and the horse disappears into history.

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