Monday 21 February 2011

My SoG


Members of the Society of Genealogists may (or may not) be aware of the latest area of development on the SoG website, namely "MySoG".  Rather than trying to explain the new set-up myself (and boring those of you who are not interested!) see here for further details.

A major new publication has recently been released by Flyleaf Press entitled Tracing Your Galway Ancestors.  My thanks to Flyleaf's Jim Ryan for bringing it to our attention - full details here.

The Family & Community Historical Research Society is a new one on me.  Their website can be found at, and it's their Annual Conference in Warwick on 14th May - an event which is open to non-members.  This year they're focusing on all aspects of the development and growth of a consumer society.


1804:  Richard Trevithick's self-propelled steam locomotive - the world's first - makes its inaugural journey near Merthyr Tydfil;
1861:  Severe winds cause the destruction of Chichester Cathedral's spire, and the partial collapse of the Crystal Palace;
1965:  Malcolm X is assassinated in New York by members of the 'Nation of Islam'. 

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