Wednesday 2 February 2011

1911 Scottish Census Release Date


Today's big news is the unveiling of the release date of the 1911 Scottish Census - 5th April 2011.  For the official statement and press release, click here.

The Society of Genealogists has extended the time for which folk can book a place at their Centenary Conference at the special 'early bird' prices.  Non-members are welcome to attend, and you have until the end of February to get in at the special rate.  The big day is Saturday 7th May (dedicated site here).

A couple of interesting little snippets from the award-winning Anglo-Celtic Connections blog, namely the news of a pending Web-based UK-wide libraries catalogue (which sounds exciting), and an updated 'Tree to Go' family tree 'app' from for the iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch.

The February issue of BBC History Magazine is now available - see here.  And the Beeb have also released a 'what's on' guide, events-wise, for the month here.


OK, so it's a rather short article - just a blog entry actually - but The Wandering Genealogist issues a warning to us all about online family trees, here, which is worth taking note of.


1901:  Funeral of Queen Victoria;
1990:  End of apartheid in South Africa.

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