Saturday 12 February 2011

Records, Records, Records!


Plenty of new resources have popped up online in the last few days, namely:
  • 30million new English/Welsh records at FamilySearch - see Anglo-Celtic Connections blog entry here;
  • Surrey Marriage Index 1500-1846; and...
  • York Marriage Bonds & Allegations Index 1613-1839, here;
  • Improved access to the National Archives of Scotland's kirk session records - see Scottish GENES blog entry here.

I quite fancy the idea of using this blog to promote worthy causes/petitions, etc., concerning historical matters, so why not take a look at this appeal for support from the 'Saving Oxfordshire History' campaign (expires soon).

With the WDYTYA? Live! event looming, you may wish to consider the special offer from the organisers, here - for this weekend only, though!

English Heritage have placed their publications guide online.  And whilst I'm on the subject of English Heritage, here's a recent news item on their website about a DVD release of interest.


Birth of (on exactly the same day!)...
Charles Darwin, in Shrewsbury, and Abraham Lincoln, in Kentucky, both in 1809.

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