Monday 16 April 2012

Public Libraries & TNA News ... + more!

The Public Libraries News blog is a great medium through which you can keep up to date with, well, public libraries news! Check out two recent pieces here and here, plus a post dedicated to London libraries.

No prizes for guessing the subject matter of the most recent news release from The National Archives. And there's more Titanic stuff from TNA here.

TNA have also unveiled their most recent Podcast - see here. And the same organisation have posted a blog entry on the rather specialist subject of the 'Grants & Academic Support Panel'.

News regarding the planned new home for the British Postal Museum & Archive can be accessed at the SoG's blog.

Here's an interesting piece of photographic news from the National Library of Ireland.

GenealogyInTime has a summary of recent record releases from around the world.

Blogger Nick Thorne has some pretty good general advice, here, about research into occupations/professions.

The HistoryToday Magazine website has news of its May issue.

Want more reading? Check out the Two Nerdy History Girls' weekly history links round-up. What, you want even more? Well, there's an excellent weekly summary of genealogy stuff from The Armchair Genealogist, here (check out the short TED video - fascinating!).

And BI-Gen's Twitter feed (with MORE news) can be found here.

A strange tale from The National Archives blog...

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