Friday 20 April 2012

GOONS, Libs, DNA & much more

One-Namers may be interested in this lengthy report on the goings-on at the recent GOONS Conference & AGM. Take note, especially, of the society's new 'wiki book' on The Art of One-Name Studies, which looks very handy.

Some musings on the possible scrapping of the Department for Culture, Media & Sport and what that means for the future of our libraries can be found here.

Randy Seaver has published the second in his series of blog posts concerning his experiences with Ancestry's new Autosomal DNA Test.

Followers of Welsh history will be interested in this post on the 'Heritage of Wales News Blog' concerning the nation's most important places.

Claire Santry reports on the addition of new Irish burial records to the Ancestry website - see here.

Deceased Online has a new records release - this time concerning Eltham Crematorium, Greenwich.

The latest TNA podcast looks at the recent release of colonial administration records.

Family Tree magazine's May issue is now on sale.

One more Titanic mention - and that's because it's from one of my favourite bloggers. Check out Ros Bott's Titanic crew member case study.

Michael J Leclerc, Mocavo's resident blogger, has an interesting lead in to an article on chronicling your family's medical history.

'History Headlines' for the week can be seen here.

And the BBC's TV/radio guide for the week ahead is available here - oh, and here's the Beeb's latest history podcast (ancient Rome and history teaching).

More news and stories at the BI-Gen Twitter feed.

No family history 'oddity' today. Thought it was about time I made an appeal for material in this respect. So if you've any odd record entries which you think may fit the bill do send them into me at Thank you!