Thursday 26 April 2012

Big News ... Well, for the US, Anyway

Though it is unlikely to cause quite the storm it's created in the US, the takeover of by Ancestry is worth casting our eyes over on this side of the Atlantic - see the announcement as it appeared on Dick Eastman's blog.

Several news items which have appeared on various blogs and websites over the past few days are neatly summed up by Family Tree Magazine's blog here and here. In both cases, the fine detail of the record releases is hard to come by (even from the actual websites themselves) - but have a quick look and see if you wish to investigate further. Oh, and Family Tree Magazine also has a competition, here.

Not quite sure how old this news is, but this item has just popped up on the Emerald Ancestors website re. the 1926 Irish Census release.

The latest Pharos e-Bulletin is now available.

Irish folk may wish to browse Linen Hall's May events listing.

It's some time since I've mentioned the weekly updates from Electric Scotland - catch up on what's been happening here.

A neat article about early Australian convicts has been flagged on Twitter (thanks to @ARebelHand).

Lovers of architectural history will want to have a look at the latest post of the British History Online blog concerning the digitisation of the inventory volumes of the RCHME.

More news and stories available via the BI-Gen Twitter feed.

Oh, and don't forget...
(use code APRSUB10 - valid until 6th May)

From an Essex churchyard:

Here lies the man RICHARD,
And MARY his wife;
Their surname was PRITCHARD,
They lived without strife.
And the reason was plain:
They abounded in riches,
They had no care or pain,
And the wife wore the breeches.

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