Tuesday 17 April 2012

Genea Events + News Round-up

Let's kick off with some 'forthcoming events'...
Essex Record Office has a lengthy series of events lined up for the coming weeks - contact them at ero.enquiry@essex.gov.uk for further details.

Elsewhere, I see that the latest Lost Cousins newsletter is now available - one of the best genealogy e-bulletins around.

A good few bits and bobs have popped up on the Irish Genealogy News blog of late - among them...

Many of you will be interested in the newly-available DNA tests from Ancestry - here's US blogger Randy Seaver's early experiences of the set-up, which give a window into how they work.

Here are some discounted books from BooksIreland.

And this is not at all genealogical, but as it's from my corner of England I hope you'll excuse me. It's all to do with the British Library's latest purchase ... the oldest intact book in Europe!

BI-Gen's Twitter feed (with MORE news) can be found here.

Underneath this sod lies Arabella Young,
Who on the 5th of May began to hold her tongue.

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