Monday 2 April 2012

More Libraries News

The best place by far to keep up to date on news pertaining to the future of our public libraries is the 'Public Libraries News blog' - with the blog entry entitled 'Special Report: The Future of Public Libraries - what the senior managers think' of particular importance.

Gear up for the release of the 1940 US Census with a detailed piece from Dick Eastman. Suppose we might as well mention this special US offer from Ancestry, too. And US records also figure prominently in the latest 'record releases' update from FamilySearch.

Episode 5 of 'The Family History Show', fronted by Nick Barratt and Laura Berry, is now available for viewing. This time they focus on the National Maritime Museum. If you've not tried the show then please give it a chance - it's beautifully put together - and you can still catch up on all the previous episodes, too, of course, from the link above.

I see that the GOONS Conference & AGM (13th-15th April) will be broadcast live online - see here.

There's some info about Ancestry's new autosomal DNA tests here.

The April newsletter from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission is now available.

Eneclann's latest newsletter may be examined here.

I can't find the death certificate! is the title of an instructive post on Nicola Elsom's blog.

And there are some great everyday candid photographs from my home town's past, here.

OK, so I'm a day late...

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