Saturday 18 February 2012

Libraries on the Slide

The future of our libraries continues to make the headlines. Despite a couple of court cases going in their favour (Surrey and Somerset), libraries are still suffering at the hands of local councils. A recent post on the 'Public Libraries News' blog, here, says it all. Readers may also wish to follow the link to the Speak Up For Libraries website. Today's 'fun feature' at the very bottom of today's blog post carries a rather more cynical look at the situation...

The Genealogy In Time website looks at ways to search the Internet for genealogical information. There is also a summary of recent record additions to the Internet.

FamilySearch have issued an update, too, concerning new additions to their own website - see here.

Notice of a few events next. PRONI have published details of their Spring Programme of events - lots of stuff to ponder, including some events at Linen Hall Library, too. Don't forget that PRONI's past lectures can be accessed via their YouTube Channel.

There's also the 'Digital Past 2012' event at Powys on 22nd-23rd February - best go through this link.

Over to the BBC now, and their 'History Headlines' for the week. Then there's their TV/radio guide for the next few days. And they also have a Podcast (with accompanying image gallery). Oh, and there's quite a nice piece on the history of fashion.

10% off all subscriptions until 26th February - use code GRFEB10...

Not exactly a 'fun' feature, more a cynical, dystopian vision of the future. Library lovers beware...

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