Friday 24 February 2012

Keep Calm and Carry On

I fear my audience may be non-existent today, such is the riotous panic over the WDYTYA? Live! Fair in London. It seems I am the only genealogist in the world not attending.

For anyone still out there, here's the latest...

Merchant Seamen records - remember my mention yesterday? Well, in the last 24hrs a good deal more clarification has come through. First of all, there's the official FMP announcement here; TNA have their own announcement re. the same, here; and the fine detail can be found here. There, sorted.

John D Reid seems to have been (I think) the first off the mark to report this important announcement from FMP re. Hertfordshire records - sounds fantastic!

Yet another library service dispute is set to go to court as campaigners in Doncaster take the local council to task over closures, etc. This follows similar action in Somerset, Surrey, Brent, Gloucestershire and the Isle of Wight. Power to the protesters! (source: Public Libraries News).

If you have some WWI memorabilia that you'd like to share with the world then take a look at this announcement from Europeana on the British Library website.

Here's a landmark announcement by the Guild of One-Name Studies.

Several sources have reported that by registering on the British Newspaper Archive website you can receive 30 free credits.

There's a neat article on Florence Nightingale and her ancestral connections by Ros Bott to be found here.

There's a nice 'History Around the Web' round-up at the HistoryToday website.

Check out the latest BBC History podcast (British Empire / American Revolution).

And forthcoming TV & radio history programmes can be found here.

From Twitter:

10% off all subscriptions until 26th February - use code GRFEB10...

MI from St.John the Baptist, Brinklow, nr Coventry:

Who Died August 11th 1779, aged 60.

"This Man  ( His Character to Sum )
From Infancy was Deaf and Dumb.
His Understanding yet was Clear,
His Heart was Upright and Sincere.
He Chiefly got his Livelyhood
By Faggoting and Felling Wood,
Till Death, that Conquerer of All
Gave the Feller Himself a Fall"

(submitted by Vic Terry)

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  1. You are not the only one Mick ;) One day I will make it over there for the genealogy event of the year.