Tuesday 21 February 2012

The Big One Looms - and Others, too.

What is marketed as the world's biggest family history fair takes place at Olympia, London, this weekend - it is, of course, the Who Do You Think You Are? Live Fair. It's getting a bit late to order tickets for the event, but you can still pay at the door (£22), subject to venue capacity. Anyway, click here for the official website. Hope you enjoy your visit if you're going! (BTW, I spotted this special post by Claire Santry for Irish visitors to the event).

No event organiser with any sense would fix up their own genea fair in opposition to The Big One, of course, though there are a few things happening elsewhere which may interest you...
  • Postcard Fairs at Shepton Mallet (24th & 25th), and Stockport (28th) & Digbeth (29th) - see here.

This seems a good time to mention, too, the following programmes of forthcoming events:

Not an awful lot happening elsewhere, but TNA have yet another Podcast up and running ('Necessity, the mother of invention: Britain's response to the demands of total war, 1939-1945'). TNA also has a curious piece about P.G.Wodehouse and his UK exile.

The specialist genealogy search engine, Mocavo, are very active at the moment. You may have seen their latest widget appearing on websites and blogs across the Internet which enables folks to handily search sites for genealogical information (there's an example on The Family Recorder blog). If you want to learn more about the feature see here and here. The Mocavo website itself also has a new design - announcement here, website here.

One last bit of news. The various record offices of Devon are now open after their annual stocktake; and there are also some opening hours changes in this part of the world - see their website for full details.

From Twitter:

10% off all subscriptions until 26th February - use code GRFEB10...

Let's have another look at the 1816 census for Rothbury, Northumberland, and it's 'touchy' clergyman...

Joseph Hodgson and his family live in a state of filthiness which corresponds well with the foulness of their lives. His wife states that they have three bastard children in the house ... one by her husband, another her son's and the third her daughter's ... but the daughter is not home. They have one Bible.

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