Tuesday 28 February 2012

The Genea World Moves On...

As the wake from the weekend's super-fair subsides, we must look ahead instead to forthcoming events. So if you're looking for somewhere to go in the next few days (and beyond) consider the following:

One or two bits and pieces from Saturday's WDYTYA? Fair. Firstly there's some interesting speculative comment from Nick Barratt on the future of genealogy; then there's some news and views from an Irish perspective from Claire Santry.

Claire also brings us a bit of news concerning the National Archives of Ireland.

TNA are certainly turning out the Podcasts at quite a rate these days. The latest one to appear is 'The British Red Cross and its Archives'.

FamilySearch has issued an update of 'latest record releases' - including the recent ones for Dorset.

Ruth Blair's genealogical 'recommendations' for the week can be found here.

And, finally, I have been asked to pass on an important message by 'Heir Hunters' firm, Fraser & Fraser. Basically, it concerns an email scam from a source purporting to be from the company which attempts to extract personal info and money from folk. I would therefore urge you all to be aware of the situation, and to have a look at Fraser & Fraser's announcement on the matter.

From Twitter:

A bit of fun from the archives of 'The Quack Doctor' blog...

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