Wednesday 22 February 2012

Blogs Catch-Up

I'm always checking on other genealogy blogs for important bits of news to pass on, but have been a bit lax of late - so it's time to catch up.

John D Reid's Anglo-Celtic Connections blog has produced the following over the past few days, all worthy of at least a cursory glance:

Chris Paton's British GENES blog has flagged the following items:
I note, too, that the new-ish blog from The National Archives (which I mentioned several days ago) has a healthy batch of new posts to peruse. Have a look for yourself, here - you may wish to keep tabs on the same.

Thanks to Your Family Tree's blog for a little bit more information on that forthcoming radio show I mentioned on Monday - see here (and click on the link therein).

The February issue of Ireland's Genealogical Gazette (from the Genealogical Society of Ireland) is now freely available.

Going to Olympia for the fair this weekend? Here's what it (sort of) looks like.

From Twitter:

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Died at Sanquhar on 26th February 1855 - Isabella Sommeral, aged 79; and on 1st March at the same place John Hunter, her husband. The aged couple were both born on one day and while the company were met for her funeral, the husband died.

[from the Montrose Standard, 16th March 1855 - thanks to William Cross]

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