Saturday 22 October 2011

Scottish FH Special


The Dundee Science Festival has included in its extensive programme of events a special Family History Day on Sunday 6th November at the city's Meadowside Counting House (DC Thomsons) - see here. Lots of talks, etc., on offer - and it's free and non-bookable!

Thanks to Alan Stewart for pointing out that records pertaining to Westmorland are now available on the Hearth Tax Online website - see Alan's post here, where you will find the relevant link.

If you have the correct technology at your fingertips, you can help yourself to a free digital copy of the September issue of Your Family Tree Magazine.

A couple of items from The National Archives now. Firstly, we have a piece about the personal stories behind the Partition of the Panjab in 1947. And then there's TNA's latest Podcast (The Untold Story of Women in the Crimean War).

Chris Paton's BritishGENES blog carries important news about next February's Who Do You Think You Are? Live event - see his post, here.


The week's major 'History Headlines', as provided by the BBC, can be found here.


Subject matter for us genealogists doesn't get any bigger than this. It's 'The Human Family Tree' - a series of ten 10-minute videos - as brought to you by (or rather via) the MyHeritage blog.

And back to Chris Paton for our very last item: a fascinating look at the ongoing British Library Newspaper project. Amazing!

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