Monday 24 October 2011

Irish Reports


Needless to say, the genealogical world is still buzzing with the fall-out from the weekend's Back to Our Past fair in Dublin. There's an absolute stack of items to report on from this major event, and it's better by far to read about them via two experts who were there and 'did the rounds', namely, Claire Santry (of Irish Genealogy News, Part 1 and Part 2), and, of course, Chris Paton.

And whilst we're with the Irish, I might as well mention the latest Eneclann newsletter - with its county focus on Wicklow.

Next on the list of mentions is another regular read: the Lost Cousins newsletter. And as you should know by now, this is something which I always insist on you taking in. So enjoy!

Another great 'freebie' read is Warfare magazine. Click here for unfettered access to Issue 3.

The folk at BBC History Magazine have produced another Podcast ('Second World War misconceptions' and 'pirates').

The National Archives have issued a news release which will be of interest to those of you with links to the Caribbean - see here.


A little bit of background information on last week's Find My Past TV show can be found here.

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