Saturday 1 October 2011

Ancestry Freebies


OK, I know we're kicking off with Ancestry again, but I just wanted to remind you about their 15 days of freebies.  A good place to begin is their blog post, here, which gives you an idea of what's coming over the next couple of weeks - a varied bunch, to say the least!

The Irish Genealogy News blog has given us a list of Irish events for October, and singles out a Religious Sources Seminar on Thursday 27th October for special mention.

Whilst we're in Ireland, here's the National Library of Ireland's October e-newsletter.

Another Podcast has popped up at the BBC's HistoryExtra website - see here (Douglas Haig’s post-war career and Bernard Cornwell chats about his work as a historical novelist).

And I am sorry to say that the GRO Online Survey which I mentioned a couple of days ago has already been withdrawn - so, sorry about that.  Maybe they've been overwhelmed by enthusiastic genealogists!


MyHeritage have issued another post in their 'Links We Like' series. An interesting one this, with items on archival storage, some Google+ clarification, and a couple of ways of staying in virtual touch forever!

The new website dedicated to the Luddites is getting a fair bit of coverage across the Internet. Check out HistoryToday's little intro here, where you will find the relevant link, etc.

And the Scottish Emigration Blog has helpfully flagged a really neat resource for finding Scottish place-names.


Though it has a distinctive Irish slant, a helpful post has appeared on TheWildGeese blog about research in India which will be of help to all British and Irish researchers.


Not at all genealogy-related, but as many of you are bookworms, I thought it worth mentioning a recent poll taken by the National Library of Scotland about changing attitudes to controversial books.

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