Friday 7 October 2011

FTM's New Website


Just in case you hadn't spotted it, I thought I'd point out that the UK's oldest genealogical monthly, Family Tree Magazine, now has a new website.  Their old site has been clunking along for some time now, and the new effort is a huge improvement and well worth a look.  Seems a bit daft me running through all the features when you can just have a browse yourself - but it has a blog, a 'news section', and all sorts of other handy bits and pieces.  Look out, too, for their new Family History Made Easy publication, their competition, and details about their recently-released November issue.

The November issue of Who Do You Think You Are? Magazine is also available - see here.

And then there's the November edition of Your Family History, too! Check it out here.

DeceasedOnline have made an announcement re. new releases. If you've ancestral links to Corby, Northants, or Angus then you'll want to click here.

FindMyPast have released 730,000 new records pertaining to the county of Berkshire.  Mainly burials, but a fair few marriages, too. No specifics as regards parish coverage, though.

Publishers Pen & Sword are marking the 10th anniversary (today, 7th October) of the start of the war in Afghanistan (yeah, 10 years) with a book sale on related titles.

And the BBC's HistoryExtra website has an 'Out and About' listing for October ...


... And of course there's the very same website's 'History Headlines' for the week.

Audrey Collins of The Family Recorder blog injects a little realism into our modern-day research techniques with a handy reminder about just what can be found when you come off-line and actually look at some original documentation. Steady, Audrey, you'll have us all visiting record offices again if you're not careful.


And here's the Beeb's weekly guide to forthcoming TV & Radio. Oh, and check out Radio 4's forthcoming programme on Irish migration, here (8th & 10th October, and no doubt available on iPlayer afterwards).

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