Wednesday 19 October 2011

British Library Blogs


The British Library has launched a new blog which looks like it will make interesting reading for us family historians. It's called Untold Lives and features entries from a cross-section of library employees on all aspects of British life from the dim and distant past. Whilst you're at it you may wish to browse the BL's other blogs, too, here.


An investigation of the above will have revealed an entry pertaining to the India Office Records. Another, related, post has appeared on the FamilySearch blog concerning their India Card Index, 1785-1926.

The recent release by GenesReunited of their new 'Parish Records' database continues to leave me puzzled. Still not sure about coverage, etc., and if anyone can enlighten me I'd be grateful. There is now a 'dedicated search page' (to access marriages/burials see bottom left of the page), but coverage does not seem to be especially extensive. There'll no doubt be more records to come, though, in due course.

The always-handy Times Digital Archive is set to be extended up to 2006 - see Helen Tovey's brief tweet, here.

FindMyPast Ireland are due to make a major announcement at the Back to Our Past Fair at Dublin this weekend - and Claire Santry has a stab at what exactly that may be, here.


Those of you who use Family Tree Maker and/or have an online tree at Ancestry may wish to have a look at a piece on Ancestry's TreeSync facility. Not something I'm part of personally, but the article may be of use to many of you.

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