Tuesday 7 August 2012

This Week's, erm, Events...

Here are your forthcoming events - not many, as you can see. May be something to do with a certain sporting get-together being hosted by the UK...

There's been a bit of a rush of new material made available for Diamond subscribers to TheGenealogist - mainly London PRs and directories.

Blogger Audrey Collins points out some useful stops on the Internet for London research.

It may be more than a year away, but those of you with an interest in Irish Presbyterianism may wish to have a look at this conference.

If you fancy browsing lots and lots of old stories from former Olympic Games, then take a look at the British Newspaper Archive's blog and scroll through the last few posts. Interesting stuff!

Again, this isn't very genealogical, but there's a nice piece entitled A Happy Accident: Fleming and Penicillin on the Europeana blog.

Caribbean researchers will want to check out this piece of news from TNA.

Regular readers will know that I'm an avid fan of Lulu.com, the self-publishing company - and I see they have a 20% off deal available on all orders until 10th August. Website here (where you should see the offer displayed) and my own 'shopfront' can be found here.

And the BI-Gen Twitter feed can be found here.

There will be no post tomorrow (Wednesday 8th) due to family commitments. See you on Thursday!

From Taibach Churchyard, South Wales:

Hurrah! my boys, at the parson's fall,
For if he'd lived he'd a-buried us all!

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