Monday 6 August 2012

Slow-Moving Monday

As everyone keeps telling us, August is traditionally the slowest month for family history news. And it sure feels like it today. Anyway, here are a few items for you...

Always worth a quick look for Irish researchers is the Eneclann newsletter - latest edition here.

The Court of Common Pleas and its Records forms the subject matter of the latest podcast from TNA.

Another underused research resource is the archival material held by our museums - get a hint of what may be available via this post on TNA's blog.

One or two interesting bits and bobs can be found in the latest e-bulletin from The British Library.

Another instalment from the SoG's blog on sporting ancestors - this time focussing on rowers.

The usual weekly round-up of historical links and stories from the Two Nerdy History Girls can be found here.

There's a little bit of family background to Marilyn Monroe's life, here. Incredibly, it's just gone 50 years since her death.

Though it has a distinct US-bias, here's a useful overview of genealogy podcasts and webinars by blogger John D Reid.

And the BI-Gen Twitter feed attempts to keep you further entertained.

In celebration of the 2012 Olympics, GenesReunited are currently offering 20.12% off their Platinum subscription (offer runs until midnight on Sunday 12th August). Click below and jump to the 'subscribe' section.

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Careful, chaps...

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