Friday 3 August 2012

FMP, Ireland, TNA & More

There's been quite a bit of the old shenanigans concerning use of the new website by professional genealogists for client research (if you see what I mean). Blogger Chris Paton has been doing his best to follow proceedings - see here. Needless to say, there may be further developments to come!

Claire Santry reports on the latest episode in the Irish GRO debate.

The TNA book sale ends at midnight tonight (Friday).

And TNA's blog has an instructive piece on house histories and the Valuation Office Survey of 1910-15.

The latest post on the blog has the organisation claiming that they've now indexed the whole of the 1940 US Census.

Here's a special event in Dublin on 23rd August that is sure to interest genealogists.

Here's a one I've not heard of before: nominations are now open for the UK National Register for the UNESCO Memory of the World Programme.

And the usual Friday stuff from the BBC's HistoryExtra website:

Keep tabs on the news over the weekend via the BI-Gen Twitter feed.

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Epitaph from unknown location:

Here lies John Hill,
A man of skill,
Whose age was five times ten;
He never did good,
And never would,
If he'd lived as long again.

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