Friday 13 July 2012

Friday Fragments

A quiet end to the working week. Here are a few scraps I've been able to collect...

Two new sets of Yorkshire records are now available at FindMyPast ... oh, and I see that FMP have also just released WWI Plastic Surgery records (1917-25).

It might not be of any obvious benefit to family historians, but you should, nevertheless, check out the detail of the UK government's change from the 30-year to the 20-year rule concerning the release of classified public/official records. Here's the announcement.

The British Newspaper Archive website has updated its list of recent additions to its digitisation project - see here.

Ooo, that's a big one!! The British Library is bragging again!

The National Archives' Summer Sale has been launched.

Irish folk may find this surname infographic from interesting.

And from the BBC HistoryExtra website:

More news items to be found at the BI-Gen Twitter feed.

A 'miserable fellow' ...

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