Monday 9 July 2012

Ancestry Rumours + Lincs Records

You have probably noticed the 'Ancestry to Ireland' story over the weekend. All to do with a rumour that the genea giants,, are set to move their 'world HQ' from the US to Ireland. It seems that the company may well be up to something, move-wise, but the original story has apparently been exaggerated somewhat. It could be that they're just upping their European presence. Or maybe not. See here, where there are more links to follow.

FindMyPast have released another batch of records - this time for Lincolnshire.

The Olympics will, of course, cause a certain amount of chaos in London over the next few weeks - if you plan to visit The National Archives during this time then check out their advice, here.

Still confused about that pesky calendar switch in 1751-52? Check out this post on the Sussex Ancestors blog.

The Scottish Council on Archives has published the latest issue of its online periodical, Broadsheet.

A reminder from Claire Santry about Northern Ireland closures this week.

Here's your regular round-up of handy history links from the Two Nerdy History Girls.

A few sources have pointed out this piece (including a short film) on the BBC website which features The National Archives and the question of 'going paperless'.

Though it's not really very genealogical, I found this article on 'Bombing Command and War Guilt' interesting.

More news, etc., at the BI-Gen Twitter feed.

Stay away from the water...

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