Tuesday 17 July 2012

Double-Dose of Events + News

As regular readers will know, Tuesdays are the day of the week where I provide you all with a listing of forthcoming events. Now as I'm not going to be able to do so next Tuesday (I'll be away from my keyboard for a few days), I thought I'd give you a double-dose this time round. Hold on to your hats...

Moving on...

Kirsty Wilkinson has produced a blog entry and accompanying PDF (free) on the subject of the 'Records of the Scottish Poor'. I'm not really an expert in the field, but it has received rave reviews from fellow professionals who know what they're talking about!

The latest issue of the FFHS E-Zine is now available for perusal.

FindMyPast continue to pump out the record releases - this time it's for London Docklands.

Blogger Alan Stewart brings us news from Northumberland, and a call for those who think they may be related to the great Victorian heroin, Grace Darling. The direct link for the event itself appears to be here. Northumbrians may also be interested in this taster session at Northumberland Archives' Woodhorn Centre on 28th July.

A reminder that Bangor University Archives are temporarily closed during 23rd July-7th September.

I was rather impressed with this little video of the 'History of Surnames' (OK, I know one or two of the dates quoted are a bit 'out' - still interesting, though). Thanks to @GuildOneName on Twitter for the tip-off.

And here are some more online videos - this time on the subject of Dublin's history.

TNA's blog carries an interesting post on LGBT history.

More items to be found on the BI-Gen Twitter feed.

I'm not at all sure that this is genuine, but I hope it is. 
Epitaph from Lansdown Cemetery, Bath:

In memori ov
Meri Pitman, 
Weif ov Mr Eizak Pitman,
Fonetik Printer, of this Siti.
Deid 19 Agust 1857, edjed 64.
"Preper tu mit thei God."
                        Emos 4-12

[By heck, that played havoc with my spell-checker]

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