Friday 22 June 2012

More FMP News + Other Stuff

FindMyPast Ireland have released another batch of records from the Petty Sessions order books, with information on 2 million+ cases - see here.

GOONS members may be interested in this offer.

Here's some news about newly-available Kent Wills.

Whilst catching up with the British GENES blog I spotted a couple of items of note which had escaped my radar:

Similarly, a little catch-up from the Anglo-Celtic Connections blog brings us:

The folk at Family Tree magazine have announced a joint print & digital subscription option - full details here.

It seems an opportune moment to mention the National Library of Wales' Flickr page.

Here's the latest update to FamilySearch's database, including stuff for Northumberland, Lancashire, Cheshire & Yorkshire.

Much more available via the BI-Gen Twitter feed.

Thanks to @yourfamhistory on Twitter for...

[note: this video is over a year old - she is now almost 116 according to Wikipedia]

And you'll also love this one...

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